publish nuget package

I developed library for my project. Then I thought: why don’t publish it?

It’s very simple actually. Just followed this tutorial: packed project from visual studio and uploaded it to

Okay, I did ir manually, but I want to automate this process.

For this you can use or Azure Pipelines or GitHub Actions.

I decided to go with GitHub Actions using this Publish NuGet Action.

So, I incremented library minor version from 1.0.0 to 1.0.2 and published it.

But instead just updating version of the package, it was published as new one and now I have 2 packages.

And you can’t just delete package from Nuget Gallery, you can only unkist it and I unlisted version 1.0.0.

Just to check how versioning works, I incremented version to 1.0.3 and published again.

And now I have package (two versions).

Written on January 25, 2020