hosting blog on github pages

Now it’s popular to use static site generators, see for example Scott Hanselman’s article: Exploring Wyam - a .NET Static Site Content Generator:

It’s a bit of a renaissance out there when it comes to Static Site Generators. There’s Jekyll and GitBook, Hugo and Hexo. Middleman and >Pelican, Brunch and Octopress. There’s dozens, if not hundreds of static site content generators, and “long tail is long.”

And of course it’s true for blogs. One way for this - use Github Pages As Blogging Platform.

Phil Haack hosts his blog this way.

You can use Jekyll as content generator. You need to install Jekyll, generate content locally and then push to GitHub Pages.

But actually you can use Jekyll on GitHub even without installing it and manage your blog just online.

You can create blog in 30 seconds.

You should just to fork this repo and modify it.

And that’s what I did.

Written on June 15, 2019